Front Cartridge Pair 49mm For 23” Wheel



Front Cartridge Pair 49mm For 23” Wheel

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49mm Front Cartridge Pair. Stock neck with raked triple trees. Air FX Front Air Ride Kits for raked triple trees make it easy to upgrade your HHi internal fork assemblies. These replacement style cartridges and stainless steel inserts are a perfect fit. Each cartridge has 2 chambers for lift, and 2 for rebound in axial alignment. This allows us to increase piston surface area, thus reducing air pressure required to lift.

To dampen compression during hard braking we have add a booster spring. The result is a much smoother, and consistent ride and increased handling. Each kit is specifically designed to fit your bike without modification and exceeds all manufacture specifications.

Fits: 2014- Current Harley FL/Touring

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