Suzuki GSX-R 600/750/1000/1300 LED Intake Halo Kit


Suzuki GSX-R 600/750/1000/1300 LED Intake Halo Kit


These LED Air Intake Halos install inside the stock ram air vents in just minutes. The end result is incredible “evil eye” appearance that will be sure to turn heads. Choose from (5) different colors or go with RGB Color Changing!


– Dual Halo kit for Front Air Intake Vents.

– Super bright LED technology.

– Grade “A” quality clear Acrylic material.

– Choose from the following colors: Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, or RGB Color Changing.

– Stunning and unique look with the insides of the air intake emitting an LED colored light.

– No fairing modifications required.

– A switch that can be mounted almost anywhere so that LED Intake Halos can be turned on or off with a flip of the switch.

Note: Choosing RGB Color Option will require the use of a RGB Controller

GSX-R Year/Model

'00-'03 GSX-R600/750, '01-'02 GSX-R1000, '03-'04 GSX-R1000, '04-'05 GSX-R600/750, '05-'06 GSX-R1000, '06-'07 GSX-R600/750, '07-'08 GSX-R1000, '08-'15 GSX-R1300, '99-'07 GSX-R1300

LED Color

Blue, Green, MultiColor (RGB), Purple, Red, White


7 Color 16 Function LED Remote, No Remote, Single Channel Solid Color Remote

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