Suzuki GSX-R 600/750/1000/1300 LED Wheel Glow Kit, ’00-’18


MultiColor LED Wheel Glow Kit for  2000-2018 Suzuki GSX-R 600/750/1000/1300.


If you own a motorcycle, you want to stand out, be different and be seen – and you can’t get more attention than LEDs built into your wheels. Our multicolored LED kit is one of our most popular products and includes two complete Wheel Lighting Kits for your bike. It also just got a whole lot better with DOUBLE the LEDs. Now 306 LEDs give you twice the lighting and design flexibility of our previous most popular kit.

These complete two-wheel multi color LED lights with remote will light up your bike like never before with substantial improvements in durability and ease of installation. With this kit, you’ll have everything you need to create outrageous color-changing designs on your wheels – and you won’t have to remove your wheels to install (but it does make it easier).

Note: Professional installation is recommended.

Body Light Kit

GSX-R 600/750/1000/1300 Body Light Kit, None

What's Included

– (10) 27-LED Strips & (2) 18-LED Strips.

– (2) Slip Rings.

– (2) Brush Blocks.

– (2) Brush Block Brackets.

– Remote Control Module w/ (2) Key FOBs.

– Kill switch.

– Hardware & Wiring.

Body Light Kit Includes:

– (4) 9-LED Strips 5″ Long. (Fairing Vent Openings both sides)

– (1) 9-LED Strip 5″ Long. (Mounted on front of Triple Tree to Illuminate Speedo)

– (2) 1 to 2 Y-Connectors.

– (1) 1 to 5 Y-Connectors.

– (2) M to F 18″ Extensions.

– (2) M to F 36″ Extensions.

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