Yana Shiki Floating Brake Rotors



Yana Shiki Floating Brake Rotors

Rotor Side *


Full Floating Discs Design & Special Contour Disc optimizes pad contact and performance. Premium Japanese induction hardened stainless steel (410-DB) is Laser cut for perfection and accuracy. Diamond ground finish and Light weight performance upgrade to OEM discs. Can be used with ANY type of brake pads.

Break in period: All brake pads must be bedded-in with the rotor they will be used against to maximize brake performance. The bedding-in process involves a gradual build up of heat in the rotors and pad compound. This process will lay down a thin layer of transfer film on to the rotor surface. Following the bed-in procedures provided by the manufacturer will assure a smooth, even layer of transfer film on the rotor and will minimize brake judder.

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