Finance Options

Don’t let the finances get in the way of you upgrading your your motorcycle with the parts and accessories you want. We’ve got you covered with multiple options to choose from. From 0% APR, flexible payments, and checking eligibility has no impact to credit score, you are sure to find something that fits your wallet.

Pay at your own pace with Affirm

Choose 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments

• For example, a $700 purchase might cost $64/mo over 12 months at 15% APR.


Quick and easy

• Enter a few pieces of info for a real-time decision.


No hidden fees

• Know up front exactly what you’ll owe, with no hidden costs and no surprises.

Buying with Affirm is simple

1. Fill your cart

• Select Affirm at checkout, then enter a few pieces of info for a real-time decision.

2. Choose how you pay

• Pick the monthly payment plan you like best. You’ll never pay more than you agree to up front.

3. Pay Over Time

• Make payments at or in the Affirm app. You’ll get email and text reminders.

Buy with confidence

With Affirm, you always know exactly what you’ll owe and when you’ll be done paying.


Affirm tells you up front the total amount you’ll pay. That number will never go up.


You choose the payment schedule that works for you.


Affirm won’t charge you late fees or penalties of any kind, ever.

Rates from 0% APR or 10-36% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available in all states, and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. CA residents: Loans by Affirm Loan Services, LLC are made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license.

Affirm FAQ

Can I pay off my purchase early?
Yes! There’s no penalty for paying early.
How do I make my payments?
Does Affirm charge interest and fees?
What does it mean to prequalify?
Does checking my eligibility affect my credit score?
Will Affirm affect my credit score?
Can I return an item I bought with Affirm?
Do I need a mobile number to use Affirm?
Where can I learn more about Affirm?
What if I don't see Affirm at checkout?

How It Works

Get the Afterpay App

Sign up quickly & easily. No long forms (yay!) and you’ll know instantly if you’re approved.


Shopping online?

Choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.


Shopping in-store?

Set up the Afterpay Card in the app, add to your digital wallet, and tap to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.


Make the first of 4 payments now

Pay it off over 6 weeks. Never pay interest.

Afterpay FAQ

What is Installments with Afterpay?
Installments with Afterpay is a service that allows you to make purchases now and pay for them in four payments made every 2 weeks without any interest.
How do I use Installments with Afterpay?
Where can I use Installments with Afterpay?
Can I use Installments with Afterpay if I’m an international customer?
How does the payment schedule work?
Where can I find common questions about payments?
When will my items be delivered if I use Installments with Afterpay?
Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single transaction?
How do I return or exchange an item purchased using Installments with Afterpay?
What if I can’t pay an Afterpay installment?
What happens if I have a partial refund, and how does that affect my payments?
Where can I find out more about Afterpay?

Sezzle FAQ

What is Sezzle, and how does it work?
Sezzle provides a payment option where you can buy now and pay later.

When you place an order through Sezzle, our unique approvals system reviews your account to determine the repayment plan we can offer. In most cases, it’s 25% of the order total due up-front (also called your “down payment” or “first installment”), with the remaining amount divided up across three more installments, each due two weeks apart. There is no interest on pay-in-4 orders for over 48,700 brands and no up-front or hidden fees as long as you pay off your installments on time. We also offer a virtual card, pay-in-2, pay-in-full, and long-term financing checkout options.

When your order is placed, Sezzle pays the merchant in full for the order immediately—so the merchant has their funds and can begin processing your order.

Our checkout is straightforward – shop at a merchant that offers Sezzle, select “Sezzle” at checkout, and we walk you through the rest of the process. The best way to find brands that provide Sezzle is through the Sezzle app. To learn more, visit or download the app by clicking here.

To learn how to use Sezzle virtually Anywhere, click here.

Getting started

If you’re ready to get started, click here to sign up! If you’ve already signed up, click here to get shopping! To become a Sezzle Shopper, you must:

• Be 18 years of age or older.

• Have a US or Canadian phone number that can receive texts.

• Be able to verify your email address.

• Have a non-prepaid payment method available – For shoppers in the US and Canada, this can be a debit or credit card.

Sezzle does not impact your credit score. We may run a soft credit check (or “soft inquiry”) to determine your spending power, but your credit score has no negative impact.

What is the Sezzle Virtual Card and how do I sign up?
How do I know how much I can spend with Sezzle?
How do I make changes to or cancel my order?
How do I return or exchange an order?
I haven't received my order.

Snap Finance


Get Approved

Apply now, know in seconds. No Credit needed.


Get instant access to your financing of up to $5,000 upon approval.


Get shopping! Snap lease-to-own financing lets you get what you need, when you need it.


How do I apply for Snap?
The application process is simple, and you get a notification of approval in seconds. You can

  • Apply online at
  • Apply in-store at a Snap Partner through our text-to-apply feature on your smartphone or with the help of a sales representative. We have thousands of stores that offer Snap.
  • Apply and check out online with our select E-commerce Snap Partners.

How much can I get a lease approved for by Snap?
What type of things can I lease-to-own with Snap?

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