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Upgrade your bike with the best components. We offer the best prices & installation on Wheels, Handlebars, Stretched Bagger Kits, Air-Ride, Grips, Levers, and more…

What We Offer?

We have highly skilled technicans who take pride in quality installations, and making sure it’s done right. Your bike will be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail when choosing us to install your accessories.

Air Ride Systems
When it comes to Air Ride systems – we ONLY use the BEST. AirFx Air Ride Suspension Systems are hands down the longest lasting, most durable, and trouble free on the market. They are designed by Jeff Schwint, a robotics engineer in Indianapolis, IN. They are built with deepwater oceanic seals, teflon impregenated copper bushings, and adjustable internal rebound controls. Till this day they have not had to rebuild one of their systems for warranty. All of our Air Ride Systems are equipped with “Instant Up” and “Micro Buttons” to lift your bike on demand!
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Air Ride, Grips, Handlebars, Stretched Bagger Kits, and More!

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