CompuStar Drone X1-Max Module LTE + GPS & Security



CompuStar Drone X1-Max Module LTE Telematics + GPS & Security

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• Compatible with most vehicles: DroneMobile protects your vehicle from thieves and vandals.

• Remote starter: Gives you the ability to send remote-start and keyless entry commands to your vehicle from anywhere in the world.

• Self-programmable: Send lock, unlock, remote start, trunk release, vehicle finder and two more custom auxiliary commands such as rolling windows or heated seats.

• 4G LTE connectivity: Receive alarm and security notifications through the DroneMobile app on your smartphone, if your vehicle’s security is breached.

• Advanced GPS tracking: Track your vehicle, and receive GPS push notifications with DroneMobile Premium Plus and Ultimate plans.

Key Specs:

• Smartphone Compatibility: Enabled

• Remote Start: Yes

• Keyless Entry: Yes

• Unlimited Transmitted Range: Yes

• Remote Car Finder: Yes

• 2-Way Paging: Yes


*If you’re on a mobile device this table is scrollable from left to right*

Features Vehicle Control + Security Basic Plan + GPS Tracking Premium Plan + Advanced GPS Tracking Premium Plus Plan + More Advanced GPS Tracking
Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial -
Smartphone Control
Remote Start
Keyless Entry
Security/Alarm Alerts
Auxiliary Features
Unlimited Range
Family Sharing
GPS Car Finder -
Directions To Car -
Speed Monitoring -
Points Of Interest* - Up To 10* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Geofences* - Up To 4* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Curfew Monitoring -
Breadcrumbing - - 2 Minutes 30 Seconds
Turn-by-Turn Updates - -
Location-Based Alerts - - -
Battery Voltage
Vehicle Temperature
Maintenance Reminders -
Diagnostic Trouble Codes -
Firmware Updates
Push Notifications
History Log Up To 6 Months Up To 6 Months Up To 6 Months Up To 6 Months
Monthly Price $5.99/month $11.99/month $29.99/month $49.99/month
1-Year Price $4.99/month ($59.88 prepaid) $9.99/month ($119.88 prepaid) $24.99/month ($299.88 prepaid) $44.99/month ($539.88 prepaid)
3-Year Price $3.99/month ($143.64 prepaid) $7.99/month ($287.64 prepaid) $19.99/month ($719.64 prepaid) $39.99/month ($1439.64 prepaid)
5-Year Price** $2.99/month ($179.40 prepaid) $5.99/month ($359.40 prepaid) $14.99/month ($899.40 prepaid) $34.99/month ($2099.40 prepaid)

* Number of geofences or points of interest supported may also vary by hardware type.

Unlimited geofences and POIs only supported on X1-LTE, X1R-LTE, and X1MAX-LTE modules.

Rectangular and polygonal geofences only available with Premium Plus and Ultimate subscriptions with X1 hardware.

**5-Year Subscriptions only available during Free Trial or special promotions.

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