AHB Bass Armor Ported 10″ Subwoofer Mounting Kit



AHB Bass Armor Ported 10″ Subwoofer Mounting Kit


Now anyone can go really big without having to rebuild their bags, permanently seal their lids, or repaint their bags. This kit has twin integrated side-to-side supports that virtually eliminate opposing forces inside the saddlebag, making the bag a robust and rigid enclosure. The kit is made entirely of American Made CNC machined parts cut from solid polymers. The outside wall of the bags are braced by twin ½” thick anchors that get bonded into place so that it is not necessary to drill any holes in the outside facing wall of the bag.

This kit comes with simple templates for cutting out the grill and port holes. A basic router and jigsaw are all that is needed for a complete installation.

One of the best aspects of this kit is that it allows you to use the entire volume of your bag. Sealing off the bottom section of the bag robs you of precious air space. The more air space you retain, the lower your tuning frequency can be.

Every American Hard Bag woofer kit comes with a specialized router bit and router templates that make a laser-perfect opening for the speaker grills and ensures perfect alignment in the bags every time. Your standards should be higher than the norm. American Hard Bag delivers that high standard.

Designed for extreme woofers like the Euphoria Expert series, this kit can accommodate most any woofer with a depth of up to 5.25 inches in 2014 and later bags, and 4.5 inches in 2013 and earlier bags. Pro audio-type woofers (mid-bass and subwoofers) are recommended. Not intended for car audio-type subwoofers.


• No Skilled Fabrication Required

• No Need to Repaint Bags

• No Need to Fiberglass

• No Need to Seal Lids

• Lids Still Open!

• Take Advantage of 100% of Bag Air Volume for Lower Tuning Frequency

• Install Woofer Amp in Saddlebag

• Extensive Bag Bracing for Increased Output


• 1998 through current year

• Standard or extended bags

• Perfect for Road Kings because this kit leaves room for amplifiers in the bags and also allows the lids to open for access and service.

Note: This kit has a 10 business day build time before shipping.

What's Included

• American Hard Bag BA10P Ported 10″ Woofer Mounting Kit with Side Brace

• Front & Rear Anchor Points

• Adjustable Steel Reinforcement Links

• CNC Machined Templates

• 1/2″ Flush Trim Router Bit

• 5/16″ Stainless Steel Allen Button-Head Bag Mounting Bolts

• Stamped Steel Powder Coated Speaker Grill

• All Stainless Steel Hardware

• Gaskets

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