Diamond Audio HXM8 Dual Woofer Kit



Diamond Audio HXM8 Dual Woofer Kit

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This kit combines the best 8″ full-range woofers with the legendary Aggressor Pro 80 (left and right) professional installation kit by American Hard Bag.

The HXM Pro 80 woofer kit is our favorite dual 8″ woofer setup for loud systems. The Diamond HXM8 woofers perform much better than any other full-range woofer out there. They pack a powerful punch on the bottom end, they are easy to tune, and they have an insanely loud top end that extends all the way out to 20khz.

Powerful Bottom End and Mid-Bass

Not just mid-bass, these woofers play true bass that extends way lower than what you will find with pro audio type woofers. Additionally, due to these woofers playing such a wide range without any low-pass crossovers, all bass frequencies’ sheer impact is impressive.

Louder than Loud!

Easily capable of matching and outplaying all of the other speakers on a bike, these speakers offer a massive addition of clean volume to any system. The frequency response of these speakers has been optimized for off-axis operation. So even pointing in at the rear wheel, they sound like they are pointed right at you. It’s a fantastic effect.

Great Sounding Right Out of The Box

Loud speakers are usually a compromise of sound quality for loudness, but that’s not the case here at all. Of all the loudspeakers we sell, these are easily the most friendly to set up.  They have the perfect frequency response for bag woofers.


– CNC Machined HDPE Construction

– Water Proof

– All Stainless Steel Hardware


– Compatible Year: 1998 – Current

– Compatible Model: Street Glide, Road Glide, Ultra Glide, Electra Glide, Road King

– Location: Bag

– Additional Adapter Required: No

– Modification Required: Yes

What's Included

– One pair of Diamond Audio HXM8 Speakers

– Two 8″ Woofer Mounts (left & Right)

– Router Templates

– 2 Powder Coated Steel Grilles

– HXM8 Specific Spacer Set

– Gasket

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