Rigid Sealed 6×9 Baffles For Harley Lids



Rigid Sealed 6×9 Baffles For Harley Lids

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Unleash the Ultimate Sound Experience for Your Harley with sealed 6×9 Speaker Lid baffles. Designed specifically for 6×9 speakers in Harley speaker lids, these enclosures (or baffles) let you focus the majority of air volume inside your bags on your 8 or 10 inch bag woofers, while still harnessing the full potential of your 6x9s’ high-power midrange and upper frequency capabilities. Thanks to their larger cone surface area and superior motor structures, 6x9s have a distinct edge over other lid speaker options like 6.5s or mid horns. 6x9s have a much wider frequency range than other speaker options such as mid horns or 6.5″ speakers.

Velocity sealed 6×9 baffles excel where others fall short. They offer airtightness, rigidity, and no additional footprint, ensuring a seamless fit with your existing speakers. Say goodbye to soft or open-back baffles that fail to deliver on their promise and embrace the superior quality of Velocity’s sealed 6x9s.

Many competitors’ baffles do not seal properly around the speaker’s mounting flange, are thin, flexible, or increase the speaker’s footprint, making installation challenging or impossible. Velocity’s Harley 6×9 baffles eliminate these issues with a precision-fit mounting surface and high-quality gasket material.

Constructed from a highly rigid polymer, Velocity baffles resist surface vibration and resonance modes, ensuring your 6×9 speakers do not interact with other speakers in the bag. This results in a cleaner, more powerful sound from your Harley lid speakers, and perfect for any aggressive woofer setup that might otherwise interact poorly with lid speakers.

The integrated rubber wire grommet allows for an airtight seal around your speaker wire harness. This grommet has an extra large diameter so that wire harnesses with connectors or multiple conductors are easy to install while maintaining that ultra important airtight seal.


• Velocity R690

• Velocity RZ69H

• Hertz SX690 Neo

Note(s): May or may not fit other 6x9s. Not designed to be a universal fit for all 6x9s. Not guaranteed to fit untested 6x9s. This part has a 10 business day build time before shipping.

What's Included

• Enclosures (1 Pair)

• Rubber Grommets for Wire Harness

• Gasket (12ft Roll)

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