Pickard USA Cut Throat Front Fender



Pickard USA Cut Throat Front Fender


Looking for a fiberglass 23 inch, 26 inch, or 30 inch front Harley wrap fender for your custom motorcycle or bagger? Pickard USA front wrap fenders for Harley & Baggers will look great on your custom bike. The Cut Throat is their twist on the traditional wrap style fender.  They stretched their fiberglass wrap fender and brought the back end closer to the ground and gave it a flat cut that’s parallel to the ground.  This fender gives your bike subtle attitude that is still clean and stylish.  The Cut Throat comes primed and ready to paint, which will save you money since no extra bodywork is required like metal fenders. Spacers come with each fender at no extra cost.

Note: Softail fenders do not come with spacers, only bagger fenders include spacers. 

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