Radiantz License Plate w/ Turn Signals & Run/Brake Light



Radiantz License Plate w/ Turn Signals & Run/Brake Light


Radiantz’s Real Flex Plate With Integrators on the side, which are their dual colored LEDs. You will have Amber turn signals then when the brake is applied they switch to red LEDs. A legal plate light with LEDs on the side that are red and amber.

The side lights have a Red running/brake light and Amber turn signals. The chrome frame ships with clear tube and the black frame ships with smoked tube.


If these lights are being added to the existing lights enjoy them they will work no problem. If these are replacing the stock lights a load equalizer may be needed if the bike is not a 2014 – present. When replacing stock incandescent light bulbs with any type LED turn signal retrofits on the later model Harley-Davidson motorcycles a load equalizer aka load balancer may be required. The load equalizer will enable the bike to retain the stock flashing speed and not have the bike show a code (via red key on dash).

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