Factory 47 Nomad Chrome 18″ Handlebars



Factory 47 Nomad Chrome 18″ Handlebars

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Factory 47 has put in all its resources and efforts to finally build the ultimate handlebar, the NOMAD. Designed with years of experience in the Vicla community and manufacturing industry, they added a bend at the base. This bend offers a better pullback so riders do not have to lean the bar too far back, all while still keeping with their signature look, the outward roll.

The NOMAD was designed to be a show-stopper and turn your Vicla into the bike that will win 1st place AND still be ridden home after the the show. They manufactured the NOMAD to fit the standard 1″ Harley Davidson riser and controls.


Compatibility: All Road King / Softail Models

Finish: Chrome

Rise: 18″

Overall Width: 38″

Point to Point Width: 18″

Step Down Width: 5-1/4″

Bottom Outside Dimension: 13″

Pullback: 9-3/4″

Drop Down: 4″

Diameter: 1-1/2″

Clamping Area: 1″

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