Rush Lights GSX-R1000 LED Body Light Kit, ’19-’22



Rush Lights GSX-R1000 LED Body Light Kit, ’19-’22

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Suzuki GSX-R1000 Body Light Kit used with the LED Wheel Glow kit for extra shine on the side of the frame, lower engine, tail section, front vents, and upper and lower side vents. Can also be used as a standalone body light kit, but you will need to select a remote using the dropdown above.

What's Included

– (6) 18-LED Strips 10″ Long. (2 for Side Frame, 2 for Lower Tank, 2 for Tail Section)

– (6) 9-LED Strips 5″ Long. (2 for Front Vents, 2 for Side Vents, 2 for Upper Side Vents)

– (2) 1 to 2 Y-Connectors.

– (1) 1 to 5 Y-Connectors.

– (2) M to F 18″ Extensions.

– (2) M to F 36″ Extensions.

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