ProBEAM® Universal Turn Signals



ProBEAM® Universal Turn Signals


Aluminum bullet housings with a Chrome finish. Built with ProBEAM® Solid Amber, or Red LED Turn Signals behind a DOT and SAE compliant amber or red lens. ProBEAM® turn signals use automotive grade LEDs to produce an even brighter light output with a wider viewing angle.

ProBEAM® Solid Amber, or Red LED Turn Signals provide a smooth light from all 24 LEDs that function as a low intensity running light and provides high intensity brake or turn signal lights.

– 24 Amber or Red Automotive Grade LEDs per unit

– 3 Wire Installation

– 36″ Wire Lead

– Advanced Reflector Technology

– Chrome Finish

– DOT & SAE Compliant

– BCM Compliant

– SMART Signal Stabilizer™ may be required

– Lifetime LED Warranty

– Amber or Red Lenses Included

– Sold as a Pair

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