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Radiantz Bagger Stripz

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Bagger Stripz are for bagger motorcycles as additional LED turn signals and taillights. They are designed to fit between the fender and the bags. The pair of Red LED light strips use bendable 661 aluminum square rods to follow the contour of the fender and bags. They mount using an automotive-grade double-sided 3M tape. These are encased in a lightly smoked tube. The tint in the smoke tube is not too dark to take away brightness from lights. For the light to work as a run/turn light, or a run/brake light, a dual element circuit is needed. If they are being used as run/turn/brake lights a dual element circuit is needed along with a set of drugz. The length of LED strips starts at 10″ (150 LEDs) and go up to 35.8″ (580 LEDs).


• Sold in Pairs

• Sizes up to 35.8in long

• Up to 580 LEDs

• Includes a pair of light strips, pair of aluminum square rods, dual-element circuits

Note: Due to the many size options offered this product is made to order. During the busy seasons, this product can take up to 3 weeks to be completed and shipped.

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