PowerPuc G5 EZ-Wiring Backbone



PowerPuc G5 EZ-Wiring Backbone

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The new G5 PowerPUC Backbone vastly improves the ease and time of installation. No longer do you need to wrap, cut, and solder multiple wires on your wheel hub. In development for 5 years, the new G5 EZ-Wiring Backbone makes installation virtually plug-and-play. A single power strip with multiple quick connects simply mounts to your wheel with 3M Peel-and-Stick tape. Cut your LED wires to the desired length, strip approx. 1/4″ from end and insert into quick connects. Two strips of LEDs can be wired to each quick connector.

Connection from the PUC Ring is identical. Just insert wires into any of the quick connectors. Up to 11 LED strips can be connected to each Backbone. Backbones can be cut at any point for shorter lengths, or “Daisy Chained” for longer lengths and more connection points. LEDs not included.

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