Custom Dynamics ProGLOW™ Bluetooth Controller



Custom Dynamics ProGLOW™ Bluetooth Controller

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Bluetooth controller for Custom Dynamics® ProGLOW™ LED lighting products connects to vehicle battery and provides three channels of plug and play connections to ProGLOW™ Color Changing LED Motorcycle Lights. Unit includes push button main power switch to prevent drain on battery while lights are not in use.

Controller connects to the ProGLOW™ app through your personal IOS or Android device to customize and control your color changing lights. Easy to navigate interface allows for up to three zones to be controlled and customized independently with programmed solid color or color changing animation modes.

Unlimited color combinations can be selected using the color wheel or color-match technology with camera access while easy to use sliders let you fine-tune the brightness and speed of each movement. ProGLOW™ systems can also be synced with music for a complete audiovisual experience.

Optional brake alert function can be enabled for increased safety while riding. While added battery monitor, timer and security features give you control of your lights when out of sight.


– Millions of vivid colors & color combinations.

– 3 independent controlled zones for maximum coverage (front, mid, rear).

– Solid color or color-changing modes.

– Chase animation with directional illumination with preset themes.

– Control brightness and speed of animation modes and chase themes.

– Photo color referencing through camera with Live or Static color capture.

– Music syncing capability through device music library or microphone.

Customizable animation modes: 

– Ride – solid color combinations

– Range – variable blinking combinations with sharp transitions

– Wave – steady blinking combinations with smooth transitions

– Chill – breathe effect as illumination dims and brightens

– Strobe – attention grabbing strobe patterns

– Custom – personalize combinations of animation & color sequences


– Wireless Bluetooth connection to IOS & Android device.

– Line of sight control range of 49 feet.

– Battery saver allows for voltage monitoring and auto shut-off.

– Device security limits controller pairing to one device at a time.


– Compatible with 12VDC systems with a negative ground.

– Controller App is compatible with iPhone 5 (iOS10.0) and newer equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and with Android Phones Versions 4.2 and newer with Bluetooth 4.0.

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