Radiantz Ampd Z-Flex Super Bright Flexible LED Strips



Radiantz Ampd Z-Flex Super Bright Flexible LED Strip

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The Radiantz Ampd Z-Flex super-bright LED strip light is a brighter alternative to their standard Z-flex LED strip. This flexible LED light strip has bigger LEDs that makes it shine 10 times brighter. Due to the bigger size of the LEDs, each section is longer than our standard 1-mm spacing Z-flex. The LEDs have 8800 mcd luminous intensity with a 30-degree viewing angle.

This super-bright LED strip light comes in a flexible D-channel tube that is 0.325 in. x 0.325 in. and will bend towards and away from itself, allowing the strip to follow the curves of a fender or wrap around forks for front turn signals. This strip is great to install as a third brake light or turn signals. You may also add a dual element circuit to make the light a high/low (running/brake).


– Ultra-bright and big LEDs with a 30-degree viewing angle

– 10X brighter than the standard Z-Flex LED light strip

– Multiple uses

– Flexible and bendable in two ways

– Can be installed as a single-function or dual-function light

– Available in red or amber

– Variety of custom length options, from 1.65 to 14 inches

– Comes with a D-channel tube (0.325-in. x 0.325-in.)

– Three tube color options: clear, red or smoked available

– (2) 3ft wire leads

– Input voltage 12VDC

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