Yamaha Raider Combat Fluted 2-Into-1, ’09 & Up



Yamaha Raider Combat Fluted 2-Into-1, ’09 & Up



• Triple stepped headers 1.750″ to 1.875″ to 2″ for increases of 15-18 HP and 13-15 ft/lbs. of torque.

• Includes a 2 step baffle 2.5” to 3” for a deep throaty sound.

• Combined 5 steps throughout for EXTREME POWER.

• System reduces heat concentration by 30%.

• Boasting full-coverage one-piece (220°) blue-proof heat-shields, available in chrome or ceramic black.

• Customizable with chrome or sculpted black tip that rotates to your preferred position to achieve the turn-out, turn-up, or the turned-down look.

• Includes O2 sensor ports, plugs, and all mounting hardware.

• Engineered for maximum power.

• Made in USA.

Note: These are made to order with a standard 4-6 week lead time, if not sooner.


2016-2008 Yamaha XV19C Raider
2015 Yamaha XV19CB Raider Bullet Cowl
2015-2008 Yamaha XV19CS Raider S
2013-2012 Yamaha XV19SCL Raider SCL

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