AirFx Rear Air Ride Kit, Softail ’18 & Up



AirFx Rear Air Ride Kit, Softail ’18 & Up

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The AirFX Magnum shock outperforms all other air ride systems in both comfort and durability. Their new shock technology incorporates a double sealed 63mm extra large composite piston. This requires less air pressure and creates a softer, smoother, and consistent ride. The specially designed shock body uses an upper spherical bearing to allow the shock body to pivot in all directions. This minimizes shock side loading or pivot friction while increasing response when cornering. Spacers are provided to custom fit most aftermarket bags. Rebound is set by adding/removing rebound air to the Schrader valve on each shock, allowing the rider to adjust the ride setting.

HI-Flow Compressor

The Hi-Flow compressor comes standard with a chrome motor housing, chrome end plates, and Omega style mounting bracket. Insulated wiring is pre-installed. Compressors are equipped with a thermal overload protector that will shut down the unit when overheated. When cool, the compressor will automatically restart as normal.

Instant-Up Kit

Includes: Air tank, compressor control box, and rear valve pair. Control box will cycle the compressor to charge the air tank to 250psi. Provides stored air pressure to raise the bike to ride height in about 1 second. Kit allows the use of one compressor to control both front and rear air ride shocks.

Micro Buttons

Micro Button Wiring Harness: The micro button package consists of a pair of miniature snap acting stainless steel buttons potted in a small aluminum housing connected to a relay module and wiring harness. Pre-wired and tested.

Fits all models of 2018+ M8 HD Softail, Including FXDR


Softail Models ’18 & Up

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