HHI Road Hawg Wide Tire Kit, 21/23-180, ’14 & Up



HHI Road Hawg Wide Tire Kit, 21/23-180, ’14 & Up

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Hawg Halters Inc. is proud to announce the Road Hawg™ Wide Tire Kit program has just added two new wheel sizes, the 21 x 5.5 & 23 x 5.5.

These new HHI Wide Tire Kits allow you to install a 180mm tire up front that creates a truly exciting Front Wide Tire Bike upgrade while integrating with your stock 180mm rear tire perfectly.

The base model HHI Wide Tire Kit starts with their custom billet taper cut fork covers, a specially designed steel fender with fork cutouts and mounting hardware.  The HHI Wide Tire Kit can be used with stock factory fork legs. They include a hidden axle conversion and custom tapered axle spacers to complement these legs. The Wide Tire kits can also be ordered with their billet fork legs in either dual or single sided brake set up. Their fork covers and fork legs are available in black, chrome or raw finish for the custom builder who has a color theme to match.

As part of the kit options and a requirement for the install, they have included their time proven X-23 and X-26 Bolt-on triple tree and neck rake kits to complete the installation package.  The 21 x 5.5 wheel requires a triple tree rake equivalent to what would typically be used on the traditional 23 x 3.75 wheel, hence the use of their X-23 triple tree package. Likewise, the 23 x 5.5 wheel requires the same neck rake modification as a 26 inch wheel.  HHI offers multiple solutions for this application with the X-26 being the simplest for install.

We offer several brands of wide front tire wheels including DNA Specialty, RC Components, Sinister, and SMT Machining. You can view them by clicking here.

Note: For 2009 up models, the stock rear tire / wheel size of 16 x 180 and 18 x 180 are all acceptable tire wheel combinations to run with your new HHI Front Wide Tire Kit, providing the rear tires have the proper load rating for a Touring Bike.

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