DNA Specialty Neo Pulley



DNA Specialty Neo Pulley

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All pulleys are CNC machined from a billet forging, and gear cut to ensure a perfect belt mesh for long life. Available in Chrome, Candy Red, Candy Blue, Candy Copper, Black, and White.

Pulley Part #’s:

M-PL-0250 65TH X 1-1/8″

M-PL-0252 65TH X 1-1/2″

M-PL-0245 66TH X 3/4″

M-PL-0244 66TH X 1″

M-PL-0251 68TH X 1″

M-PL-0246 70TH X 1-1/8″

M-PL-0248 70TH X 1-1/2″

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