DB Drive 8″ 2 Ohm DVC Subwoofer

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DB Drive 8″ 2 Ohm DVC Subwoofer

UPC: 811536033192

The engineers at DB Drive have designed this subwoofer from the ground up to shake the ground up. The double stitched foam surround along with the die-cast aluminum vented basket allow for maximum excursion while the protective magnet cover gives the woofer a rugged yet stylish appearance.


• 2.5″ 4 Layer Anodized Aluminum High Temperature Voice Coil

• 150oz Ceramic Ferrite Magnet

• 1.5″ Wide Roll Foam Surround

• High Excursion Spider Design

• Designed to Optimize SPL Performance

• Die-Cast Aluminum Vented Basket

• High Grade Low Carbon Steel Plates

• Large Gauge Compression Terminals

• Protective Magnet Cover

Recommended Amplifier – WDX2KG2


Outside Diameter 8.78″
Cutout Diameter 7.32″
Mounting Depth 6.32″
Structure 8″  Woofer
Dynamic Power Handling 1800 Watts
Nominal Power Handling 900 Watts
Impedance Dual 2Ω Voice Coil
Resonant Frequency (fs) 34.109Hz
D.C. Voice Coil Resistance (Re) 2 x 3.2Ω
Mechanical Quality Factor (Qms) 3.193
Electrical Quality Factor (Qes) 0.615
Total Quality Factor (Qts) 0.516
Equivalent Air Volume to Cms (Vas) 7.375 L
Mass of Diaphragm/Coil (Mms) 169.4 kg
Force Factor (Bl) 19.44
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 78.6 dB



You can change the wiring configuration of your speakers (Series, Parallel and Series / Parallel) to match the impedance loads that maximizes the power output of you amplifier. Wiring the same woofer or multiple woofers in these three different wiring configurations will result in different impedance loads.

Series: Is the method of wiring of alternate positive with negative terminals (string method) (Illustration below)

Parallel: Is the method of wiring where you wire match 2 speaker terminals with positive to positive terminal and negative to negative. (Illustration below)

Series/Parallel: This configuration is a combination of both series and parallel. We recommend series for the terminal and parallel for the leads to amp. (Illustration below).


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