Universal Subwoofer Brace For Saddle Bags



Universal Subwoofer Brace For Saddle Bags


Add bracing to your saddlebag woofers and increase bass output and eliminate excessive bag vibrations. This kit is universal and fastens to an industry standard 8 bolt pattern on the speaker frame. The brace is adjustable from 4.75″ to 5.5″ wide from the rear of the woofer frame to the outside wall of the bag. This allows the brace to accommodate a wide range of saddlebag brands, materials, and years.


• Bond-In anchor points are strong and universal to any standard saddlebag.

• Stainless steel fasteners

• Strong CNC machined parts

• Save time and get a nicer result by not having to fabricate parts

• Made in America

• 5 Year warranty

Note: Epoxy is required for installation to bond anchor points in place.

What's Included

• CNC Machined Anchor Points for Outside Bag Wall

• CNC Machined Anchor Points for Woofer

• Stainless Steel Fasteners

• Steel Threaded Ball Joints & Rods

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