Velocity RZ10 Subwoofer For Harley Baggers



Velocity RZ10 Subwoofer For Harley Baggers

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A subwoofer built to perform in a saddlebag as an enclosure, the RZ10 ten-inch subwoofers are also designed to play well with other speakers in the same bag without sacrificing bass response. The RZ10 is not designed anything like other 10″ subwoofers. This subwoofer has a number of design characteristics that allow it to perform in a saddlebag at high volumes where a car audio-type subwoofer would fall on its face.

The RZ 10 has a lower voice coil inductance which allows it to play in a higher frequency range than a traditional subwoofer. By allowing the subwoofer to play up in the same range as the lid and fairing speakers, the subwoofer is able to acoustically reinforce what those smaller speakers are doing at the lower end of their own range. This makes for a much more aggressive punch on the bottom end that you just can’t get with a subwoofer that is limited to 100hz and below. This subwoofer plays from 45hz to 400hz and does not require a low pass crossover (high pass crossover is required). A low pass crossover is not required because the speaker naturally rolls off above 400hz on it’s own without any need for equalization or low pass crossover.


• 2 Ohms

• 150W RMS/300W Max

• Frequency response 40hz – 400hz

• Mounting depth (with mounting kit) 3.6″

• 50mm Voice coil on aluminum former

• Voice coil height 16.5mm

• Extended T yoke

• Optimized for saddlebags

• Sd 346.36cm

• Fs 40.29hz

• Le 1359.2µH @10 kHz

• Vas 20.81L

• Mms 126.38

BL 10.10Tm

Qts .96

Qes 1.13

Qms 6.54

Sensitivity (db/W/m) 82.7db

Installation Notes

The RZ10 subwoofer is designed to perform in conjunction with other smaller speakers on the bike (6x9s and 6.5″) to make those speakers sound much bigger and bolder. The RZ10 subwoofer is not designed to be used as a standalone subwoofer like one that you would find in a car audio system. These woofers must be high passed (not low passed) at 45hz with a 24db per octave slope. The final usable range is 45 – 400hz. Bikes with a factory radio must be flashed with the TecnoResearch tool and the Rockford Fosgate flash. No equalization of any kind should be used below 200hz. If used with lid speakers, the lid speakers must have a suspension and motor characteristics that will allow it to share the enclosure space with the subwoofer. Not all lid speakers are capable of this. We recommend the Velocity R690 which is the speaker that all of Velocity Speaker Designs’ overDrive kits are based on.

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