Cuztom Kraft Supersonic Lens Set, Chrome Bezel



Cuztom Kraft Supersonic Lens Set, Chrome Bezel


– The Supersonic bezel reduces in diameter from where it’s fitted all the way down to where it ends. This gives the indicator a shape and visual appearance of a jet engine with its tail closed. The end of the bezel has been specially designed to cut back in on its self. The bezel has been hard chromed and it captures the beauty of the lens on the cut back face, something never before seen on a Harley and never before done on an indicator.

– The supersonic lens has 18 individual grooves that reduce in size the further they travel, down to the point of the lens. This allows for light to pulsate from the bezel down the length of the groves to the point, which gives it a depth, richness and visual effect never before produced with a lens. The Supersonic lens is a true double whammy.

– The Supersonic lens throws light out sideways and down the length of the lens imitating the tail of a rocket.

– The lens is made of a special UV resistant material.

– The molds have been hand polished with 32 different grades of material to give the lenses a super-bright mirror finish.

Fits: Softail, Street Glide, Road Glide, Fatboy, Sportster, Dyna, Deluxe bikes or any Harley that has clip on lenses.

If your Harley has screw in lenses, you will need to purchase a set of Bullet Turn Signals for these to be compatible.

They replace OEM P/N #68973-00

Note: They do not fit sealed LED Harley lights.

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